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Happy New Year From all of us at Troop 61 !

Upcoming Events

January 2022

1 (Sat)  Happy New Year

7  Troop Meeting Virtual

14  Troop Meeting Virtual

15 (Sat)  Pinewood Derby Build Day

21  Troop Meeting Virtual

28  Sledding at Whitnall Park

February 2022

Troop Meeting

6 (Sun) Scout Mass

Committee Meeting


11  Troop Meeting - Winter Camp Prep

18-20  Winter Camp at IMR

25  Troop Meeting

March 2022

Archery Merit Badge

Committee Meeting


11  Archery Merit Badge

18  Archery Merit Badge

20 (Sun)  Archery at West Towne Lanes

11  Aviation Merit Badge

April 2022

Aviation Merit Badge

Committee Meeting


8  Aviation Merit Badge

10 (Sun)  Pancake Breakfast

15  No Meeting - Good Friday

22  Shotgun Merit Badge

29  Shotgun Merit Badge

May 2022

Committee Meeting

Shotgun Shooting

Cemetery Cleanup Service Project


8 (Sun)  Shotgun Shooting Day

13-15  Campout - Peninsula State Park

20  Troop Meeting

27  No Meeting - Memorial Day


July 2022

22-29  Summer Camp at Jag Lake



Guidelines for any in-person meeting at the Scout House.

NOTE: We are currently conducting online meetings on Friday nights for the month of January.


If you are meeting in person for a special reason at the scout house along with observing 2 deep leadership you must also...wear masks at the meeting and social distancing must be observed.

We will keep air circulating in all rooms using the heaters. Doors and windows will be opened to provide additional ventilation.

We are limited to 20 people inside. In the event that more than 20 people show up we will ask adults who wish to hold discussions to gather outside. Priority for indoor space will be given to scouts and adults who are actively engaged with scouts. 

Parents and all adult leaders must complete and sign this Covid-19 release and checklist before coming to meetings. It's straightforward and simple. Print it out and take one minute to complete and sign.

We will plan for activities, advancement, and board of reviews to be done outside where possible.

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Sledding at Whitnall Park Friday, January 28th.

Join us for a fun night of sledding at one of the best hills in the Milwaukee area.

All ages are welcome! There is no charge for this event. Scouts, friends, and family members are welcome. Webelos thinking of joining Troop 61 this year should attend.

We checked the weather, and with a little luck we will have a few inches of snow on the ground by next Friday. 

Dress appropriately. The current forecast is for temperatures around 30°. There is a building with concessions nearby. The troop will bring a stove and serve hot beverages and snacks at the top of the hill for everyone to enjoy.

If you have your own sled, toboggan, or tube bring it along. If not, the Troop will bring a collection sleds for you to borrow.

Event Schedule:

6:30pm — Meet at the Scout house at 6:30 and caravan to the Whitnall Park Sledding Hill


7:15pm —  Meet us at Whitnall Park. We should be there no later than 7:15.


Cost: Free!

Winter Camp — FEB 18-20.

Friday-Sunday, February 18-20, 2022
6:30pm Friday
Return: 1:30pm Sunday

Winter Fun Camp will be held February 18-20 at Indian Mound Reservation (IMR) Scout Camp on Silver Lake near Oconomowoc.   

Pack your Class A Scout Uniform for Mass on Saturday Evening

  • Meet Friday at 6:30pm, depart when packed

  • Return Sunday around 1:30pm

  • Indoor cabins with bunks

  • Sledding, Cross Country skiing (hopefully), Ice Skating - Bring your Ice Skates!

  • Indoor Campfire, Ice fishing, Risk (the game), Chess, Scrabble, and your favorite games

  • Outdoor activities

  • Hiking in the snow

  • Tumbling & Leg Wrestling

  • A Recitation of the "Cremation of Sam McGee" by ??

  • Indoor volleyball (over the rafters)

Don't miss it!

Skating: We have a large collection of ice skates of various sizes, but if you have your own, definitely bring them. There's not much snow at IMR, but plenty of ice!  Should be a great weekend for hockey and ice fishing (if some of the adults bring their gear.) 

Heat: We sleep in a cabin that's heated by a wood stove, so it will be toasty for most of the night but cooler near dawn. We will be outside for parts of each day. Be sure to pack a warm hat, warm gloves, snow pants, heavy jacket, snow boots, and extras of everything.

A check list for the weekend is included in the Permission Slip (check the e-buggle).

Join us! Put in on your calendar today!

Webelos from all local packs are welcome to join us for the weekend.

All Scouts. Please complete BSA Cyber Chip.

We remind all scout and parents of the importance for all scout to be safe when online whether interacting with people online whether it is a class, merit badge or just communicating with others. Please download and complete the cyber chip workbook with your parents. Email your completed  pdf workbooks to Couselor@troop61.com. Use "Cyber Chip for (Scouts Name)" in the subject line when you email the completed workbook.

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Leadership positions are also needed for certain rank advancements.

Click here to visit our page on leadership positions and how to get involved in one. 


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