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Wreath Orders Due October 15!

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October 2021

01  Prepare for Devil's Lake

8-10  Devil's Lake Campout

15  Open Advancement

22  Open Advancement

29  Open Advancement

30  (Sat) Scary Movie Night


November 2021

05  Engineering MB

12  Engineering MB


Christmas Wreaths

The 2021 Wreath sale is well underway.


Scouts earn credit for their sales to pay for campouts and personal camping gear.


Orders are due by Friday, October 15.


Delivery dates (likely the week of or after Thanksgiving) will be published in the eBuggle. 


You should have received an order form in the mail. 


If you need an additional order form click here to download

Guidelines for in-person meetings at the Scout House on Fridays.

Masks must be wore at the meeting and social distancing observed.

We will keep air circulating in all rooms using the heaters. Doors and windows will be opened to provide additional ventilation.

We are limited to 20 people inside. In the event that more than 20 people show up we will ask adults who wish to hold discussions to gather outside. Priority for indoor space will be given to scouts and adults who are actively engaged with scouts. 

Parents and all adult leaders must complete and sign this Covid-19 release and checklist before coming to meetings. It's straightforward and simple. Print it out and take one minute to complete and sign.

We will plan for activities, advancement, and board of reviews to be done outside where possible.



  • What's a math student's favorite drink?  Probably tea.


  • I complained to my math teacher that it was cold in the classroom. He told me to stand in the corner because the corner is 90 degrees.

  • Some people say that elves are shy, but I think hobbits can be Shire

  • For sale, barely used DeLorean. Only driven from time to time.

  • What did one frog say to the other? Time is fun when you're having flies!

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Devils Lake Family Campout Oct. 8-10

Friday-Sunday:  October 8-10, 2021
Cost: $20 per person 
Driving: Scouts must arrange their own transportation
Caravan Departure: 6:00pm Friday from the Scout House 
Caravan Return: 2:30pm Sunday to Scout House 

Bring the Permission Slip. The permission slip has campout details, a checklist, and a map of our hiking plan.

To see pictures from last year's campout click here


Pandemic Driving Requirements: Due to the recent surge in Covid and the Delta variant, the committee has decided that it is not safe to carpool or share rides again this year. Scouts / parents must arrange their own transportation. We realize that this may be a burden on some families and for that we are truly sorry. 

Families: To make the best of a bad situation we are strongly encouraging families to join us for the weekend. Mom, dad, bothers, sisters. All ages are welcome. Parents will need to keep any eye on kids under age 10. Last year's Devil's Lake family campout was very successful, fun, and an event many wanted to repeat! 

The group site is spacious and we have lots of equipment you can borrow to ensure a successful outdoor weekend. All are encouraged to borrow any equipment needed.  Just let us know by replying to this email. We'll even show you how to use it!

Equipment anyone can borrow by replying to this email. 

  • Two person / four person tents. (Families my tent together, but unfortunately friend may not.) Scouts not with families will sleep alone in a one person tent. We will bring enough tents for everyone.

  • Sleeping bags

  • Sleeping pads

  • Flashlights

  • What do you need? Ask. We probably have it. 

Please consider joining us for a Devil's Lake Family Campout this year. With families along we will be able to safely enjoy the outdoors and our favorite people at the same time!

Campout Details: We will be hiking on the bluffs of one of Wisconsin's most beautiful state parks. The Troop hikes seven miles on Saturday and one mile on Sunday. Families will have options for shorter routes if desired. Scouts will also be able to complete Second Class and First Class compass and hiking requirements. Saturday night fun will include a big campfire and lots of hot cocoa. We will hike as a group and will provide hiking snacks, water (scouts carry their own), a first aid kit, and two way radios.

Sports Conflict: We're not sure if this will be a challenge this year, but scouts are welcome to join us later on Saturday if they have a sports (or other) conflict. Let us know if you're coming late so we can tell you where we'll be. We are camping in group campsites #2 at the south end of the lake.

Driving Directions: Detailed directions to our campsite will be published next week along with a Google Map to Devil's Lake.

All Scouts. Please complete BSA Cyber Chip.

We remind all scout and parents of the importance for all scout to be safe when online whether interacting with people online whether it is a class, merit badge or just communicating with others. Please download and complete the cyber chip workbook with your parents. Email your completed  pdf workbooks to Couselor@troop61.com. Use "Cyber Chip for (Scouts Name)" in the subject line when you email the completed workbook.

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Leadership Positions

Boy Scout have many opportunities to learn leadership skills.

Leadership positions are also needed for certain rank advancements.

Click here to visit our page on leadership positions and how to get involved in one. 

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