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07:00 troop meeting @ scout house

Upcoming Events


  • 25  Troop Meeting @Scout House Lot


  • 02   Troop Meeting @Scout House Lot, Devils Lake Prep

  • 05 Committee Meeting via. Zoom

  • 09-11  Devils Lake Family Campout

  • 23  Scary Movie Night @Scout House



  • TBD

The sale of wreaths and christmas trees is how we fund the things we do and everything in between.


Be safe when selling this year. I suggest emailing or calling friends and family to see if they would like to purchase from you this year.


Whatever you do...be safe first and do your best.

You can download a copy of the wreath sales sheet that has the prices and all of the details you need to know at the button below.

Wreath Sales Season Begins!

Devils Lake Family Campout!

Please consider joining us for our annual Devil's Lake Family Campout this year!


 Campout Details: We will be hiking on the bluffs of one of Wisconsin's most beautiful state parks. The Troop hikes seven miles on Saturday and one mile on Sunday. Families will have options for shorter routes if desired.


Saturday night fun will include a big campfire and lots of hot cocoa. We will hike as a group and will provide hiking snacks, water (scouts carry their own), a first aid kit, and two-way radios. 

Pandemic Driving Requirements: Since is is not safe this year to carpool or share rides, scouts/parents must arrange their own transportation.

Friday-Sunday:  October 9-11, 2020
Cost: $20 per person 
Driving: Scouts must arrange their own transportation
Caravan Departure: 6:00pm Friday from the Scout House 
Caravan Return: 2:30pm Sunday to Scout House 


Online Merit Badge Opportunities from National Council

Work on merit badges from the comfort of your home! In an effort to help support Scouts and families as our communities are practicing social distancing, National Capital Area Council will be offering Merit Badge programs ONLINE!

These programs make a great supplement to ongoing online schooling efforts. They also help Troops, Crews, and Ships continue their program while avoiding in-person activities. For all badges, Scouts are encouraged to earn (or renew) their Cyber Chip ahead of time. 

These sessions are open to ALL Scouts in ALL Councils, nationwide!

All Scouts. Please complete BSA Cyber Chip.

We remind all scout and parents of the importance for all scout to be safe when online whether interacting with people online whether it is a class, merit badge or just communicating with others. Please download and complete the cyber chip workbook with your parents. Email your completed  pdf workbooks to Couselor@troop61.com. Use "Cyber Chip for (Scouts Name)" in the subject line when you email the completed workbook.

Check your Advancement in Troopmaster.

Wonder how your scout is advancing? Well now you can check on their progress online through Troop 61's Troopmaster.  Watch the how-to video

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Use PAY PAL to pay for Troop Activities. 

Making a payment with PayPal is a fast and simple way to pay for Scouting Activities. Follow these simple how-to instructions to get started.

Registration Scholarships


The cost of annual BSA registration for next year is increasing due to new costs at the national level. We will supply details in the next eBuggle. To help offset this expected cost increase the Troop committee voted to provide an Event Scholarship of $20 per scout to be applied, $10 per event, to any outing or campout held next year starting with Winter Camp.  Again, more details coming next week.

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Leadership Positions

Boy Scout have many opportunities to learn leadership skills.

Leadership positions are also needed for certain rank advancements.

Click here to visit our page on leadership positions and how to get involved in one. 

Things we do

We are keeping a blog of the "Things we do" so you can follow our adventures.   

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