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Welcome to Troop 61

Milwaukee, WI

If you are looking to join Boy Scouts...we invite you to stop in for a visit

Upcoming Events

March 2023

17 (Fri) Tenderfoot-1st Class Advancement

24 (Fri) Road to Eagle/Open Advancement

31 (Fri) Tenderfoot-1st Class Open Advancement

April 2023

1 (Sat) Bike Trip (Weather Dependent)

2 (Sun) Pancake Breakfast

3 (Mon) Committee Meeting

7 (Fri) Good Friday - No Meeting

14 (Fri) Wood Working

21 (Fri) Wood Working

22 (Sat) Fish & Wildlife Management

28 (Fri) Wood Working

May 2023

1 (Mon) Committee Meeting

5-7 (Fri-Sun) Governor Dodge Spring Campout

13 (Sat) Cemetery Cleanup

June 2023

5 (Mon) Committee Cleanup

11-14 (Fri-Sun) High Adventure Trip

24-25 (Sat-Sun) First Year Campout

July 2023

15-21 (Sat-Fri) Summer Camp is Early

COVID Protocols

Remember to fill out your COVID-19 Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist at the beginning of every meeting. Mask wearing is optional. If you would like to have this filled out ahead of time please download the form here.

Download COVID-19 Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist

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Scouting for Food — Bag Pick-up (This Saturday)

Thanks to everyone that helped place bags out last Saturday. We were able to cover all our areas. This year all the food we collect will directly benefit our Community and will be donating to MGC Food pantry. This Saturday March 18th is our Pickup date. 

We need about 30 people in order to cover our area well.  Last week we had 10. More hands makes less work.

Let's do our duty to our Community and help out. Parents and families are encouraged to come and help.
This should only take an hour or less depending on the help that comes.

Meet at the Scout House by 9A.M.

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Scout Mass - Recap

Thanks to the Lazarski family, Lee family, Brunmeier family, Hauman family, Krause family and Genal family for coming out to Scout mass on Sunday. Thank you Karol for the reading and the Brunmeier boys for presenting the gifts.

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March 17th - Open Advancement- First Aid Focus

Got scratched at work? Get stung by a bee?
Wait Billy is allergic to bee stings...what do we do? 

This Friday night we will work to get through many first aid requirements that the boys need to rank up.  There are many topics from standard first aid to rescue carry positions. If you have any first aid experience please join us and share your experience with everyone.

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March 24th - Road to Eagle

Road to Eagle is a quick 30 min. presentation that will help Scouts understand what it takes to make it to the rank of Eagle. Parents are also encouraged to join us as they are an important part of their Journey to Eagle. 
Afterward we will work towards Rank advancement for all scouts.

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April 1 (No Foolin) - Local Troop Bike Trip

Mark your calendars - A planned local Bike trip is in the works for April 1. (Seriously...we're not fooling you). Depending on the weather (Wisconsin Weather = 2 days out ) we plan on spending a few hours biking around one of the local major trails. As we get closer to the date we will have time and a Trail.

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April 2nd Pancake Breakfast returns 10:30 -1:30

After 10 years of this event being put on hold this has finally returned. Set to come back right before COVID hit, everyone was excited to see the return of our famous pancakes and coffee.

This is a large event that requires the effort of everyone of the Troop. Please bring your friends and family to this event and spend some time sitting down, having a warm breakfast and enjoy the meal.

Cost per person is $4 / ALL YOU CAN EAT PANCAKES. Woo Hoo!

Leadership Positions

Boy Scout have many opportunities to learn leadership skills.

Leadership positions are also needed for certain rank advancements.

Click here to visit our page on leadership positions and how to get involved in one. 


Use PAY PAL to pay for Troop Activities. 

Making a payment with PayPal is a fast and simple way to pay for Scouting Activities. Follow these simple how-to instructions to get started.

Things we do

We are keeping a blog of the "Things we do" so you can follow our adventures.   

True youth protection can be achieved only through the focused commitment of everyone in Scouting.

Youth Protection

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Check your Advancement in Troopmaster.

Wonder how your scout is advancing? Well now you can check on their progress online through Troop 61's Troopmaster.  Watch the how-to video

Login to Troopmaster

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