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Calling all Troop 61 Alumni...We need extra help on the Tree Lot this year.

Upcoming Events

November 2021

05  Electricity MB / Engineering MB

12  Electricity MB / Engineering MB

19  Buc Night

20 (Sat)  Trees and Wreaths Arrive

25  Thanksgiving

26 (Fri)  Tree Lot Opens

27-30  Tree Lot - No Meetings


December 2021

1-19  Tree Lot - No Meetings

17  Christmas Party!

25 (Sat)  Christmas


January 2022

1 (Sat)  Happy New Year

7  Troop Meeting

14  Troop Meeting

15 (Sat)  Pinewood Derby Build Day

21  Troop Meeting

28  Troop Meeting

February 2022

Troop Meeting

11  Prep for Winter Camp

18-20  Winter Camp at IMR

25  Troop Meeting


July 2022

22-29  Summer Camp at Jag Lake



Saturday January 15, 2022
9:00am - 2:00pm

Sign-up to attend Troop 61's pinewood derby workshop on Jan. 15th.

IMPORTANT: Because of COVID-19 rules sign-up is required. (We can not accept walkin's)

Sign-up deadline is Jan 13th.
Don't wait!
Guidelines for in-person meetings at the Scout House on Fridays.

Masks must be wore at the meeting and social distancing observed.

We will keep air circulating in all rooms using the heaters. Doors and windows will be opened to provide additional ventilation.

We are limited to 20 people inside. In the event that more than 20 people show up we will ask adults who wish to hold discussions to gather outside. Priority for indoor space will be given to scouts and adults who are actively engaged with scouts. 

Parents and all adult leaders must complete and sign this Covid-19 release and checklist before coming to meetings. It's straightforward and simple. Print it out and take one minute to complete and sign.

We will plan for activities, advancement, and board of reviews to be done outside where possible.

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Check your Advancement in Troopmaster.

Wonder how your scout is advancing? Well now you can check on their progress online through Troop 61's Troopmaster.  Watch the how-to video

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Buc Night is November 19

Many scouts and adults are needed to help. Bucs are the large wooden railings we use to display the Christmas trees at the Tree Lot on 68th and Burleigh.

Troop 61 owns the world's largest wooden puzzle - a large collection of weathered 2x4s with markings somewhat like letters of the alphabet. Each year (since before we can remember) we have gathered before Thanksgiving and performed the ritual assembly of tree lot bucs using only the hints and clues left by previous generations.  It's lots of fun!!

Wear old clothes.

Bring Tools as you can: crescent wrench, hammer, socket wrench, battery powered socket wrench. Tip: Put name on tools!!!!! Or mark with a unique paint of tape color.

First year scouts will be trained to use the new cash register and credit card machines. Training will last about an hour in the office.

Trees Arrive Saturday at 9:00am - Help is Needed!!

Saturday, November 20, 2021
Time: 9:00am (we don't know exact arrival time yet. This is a best guess.)

At least 40 people are needed. We need help unloading, sorting and tagging trees. A large truck load with 800 Christmas trees will arrive next Saturday and much help is needed. It's a good workout!

Wear old clothes and bring a pair of work gloves (and steel toed boots). Guaranteed that you will get spotted with sap and pine needles.

Scouts and Adults -
Re-registration Time

Every scout and adult leader must re-register once a year as part of our chartering process. The annual registration fee this year has increased due to increased costs at the National BSA. 

The deadline for re-registration is November 19, 2021.  Forms to re-register can be found at these links:
Adult FormAdult Re-registration Form

Scout FormScout Re-registration Form

Adults and Scouts - BSA Medical Form Parts A & B ONLY!! - Must be completed annually per BSA rules. (Parts A&B do not require a doctor visit. We need Part C before Summer Camp.)

Forms and payment are due Friday, November 19, 2021

Tree Lot Shift Signup

Your help is greatly needed this year. Alumni Troop 61 is encouraged to sign-up and relive the good old days.

A few reminders:

  • Scouts and Junior Leaders should sign up for 6 shifts.

  • Parents are encourage to join in the fun and work the same shift with their scout.

  • At least 2 adults are needed on the Tree Lot at all times. 

See the ebuggle for a link to the sign-up sheet or email ebuggle@troop61.com for more information.

All Scouts. Please complete BSA Cyber Chip.

We remind all scout and parents of the importance for all scout to be safe when online whether interacting with people online whether it is a class, merit badge or just communicating with others. Please download and complete the cyber chip workbook with your parents. Email your completed  pdf workbooks to Couselor@troop61.com. Use "Cyber Chip for (Scouts Name)" in the subject line when you email the completed workbook.

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Leadership Positions

Boy Scout have many opportunities to learn leadership skills.

Leadership positions are also needed for certain rank advancements.

Click here to visit our page on leadership positions and how to get involved in one. 

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