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Craft Plus Program


The Craft Plus Program is an activity designed to allow Scouts and Scout’s family members (parents or siblings) to work on various craft projects (Leatherwork, Paracord Survival Bracelets, Paracord Crafts, Simple Basket Weaving and American Indian Beadwork).  The aim of the program is to have fun.


         The program will take place from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Scout House on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month from September through the second Wednesday of November and from January through May.  The break in November is necessary due to the tree lot.  The break after May is because of the busy Troop summer schedule.  The program will resume on the second Wednesday of the following September.


The following information will detail certain aspects of the program:

  • All participants, adult or youth must have a signed permission slip to participate in the program.The permission slip will be available on the website.

  • We are able to work with only 4 people per session.We will try to schedule 2 simple short term projects and 2more difficult long term projects per session.Every attempt will be made to keep work session consecutive.

  • You must have a reservation to attend the session.

  • The program is weather dependant.If a work session must be cancelled due to weather conditions, You will be notified by E-mail no later than 5:00 pm of the work session date.A work session cancellation will cause the schedule to be set back two weeks.

  • Tooling availability may delay the start of your project

  • The program will run in accordance with The Guide to Safe Scouting, (Feb. 2022 Revision)

  • Scouts or siblings that want to participate need to have a parent accompany them to make sure we have enough adult supervision for Scout or youth safety.  Age appropriateness (Tool Safety) will be considered for younger siblings.

  • The Troop Website ( has approximately 50 sample projects shown to illustrate what can be done.In many cases the projects can be modified to meet your needs (size, or shape) or your preferences (color, hardware, etc).

  • There may be a materials cost for your project, depending on the amount or type of material required.In most cases, there would be no cost for any of the projects shown on the website if made as shown.


The procedure to get started in the program is as follows:

  • Pick the type of project The Troop Website ( has approximately 50 sample projects shown to illustrate what can be done. In many cases the projects can be modified to meet your needs (size, or shape) or your preferences (color, hardware, etc).

  • Sign up on the Troop Website ( which has a sign-up sheet to establish your priority for scheduling.In the project column, enter the name of the project that is closest to what you want or use the column to give a general description of what you want.

  • Either Jeff Saeger or Jeff Gengler will contact you.After discussing your wants, we will ascertain the following: whether we can do the project, the difficulty level of the project (to figure out how long it will take to complete), or if we have to order materials or hardware to do the project.

  • After the project is reviewed, either Jeff Saeger or Jeff Gengler will, in consultation with the participant, schedule consecutive work sessions that will fit your schedule and the easy project to difficult project ratio.

  • Please make every possible attempt to attend your reserved work sessions.If you must miss a work session, contact either Jeff Saeger or Jeff Gengler so the work session can be rescheduled.

Craft Projects

Check-out the list of projects you can select from.

Craft Plus Sign-up

If you are interested in a project please sign-up below.


Parents: participating only need to fill out this form.

Scouts: participating also need the permission slip below signed and turned in to begin a project.

Scout Permission Slip

Because we conduct Craft Plus outside of regular meetings and safety is the most important first steps to everything in scouting,

all parents of scouts must printout, sign and return the Scout Craft Plus permission slip. 

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