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Governor Dodge Camp out a First

Beautiful waterfalls, scenic overlooks, a secluded woodsy campsite.  Just a few of the treats that greeted our first ever camp out at Governor Dodge State Park last weekend. Here are a few other highlights. Temperatures held steady in the mid-50s all weekend. A burst of sun on Sunday morning warmed us as we packed up camp. Tiny sprinkle of rain on Saturday. Thanks to Doc for packing all the extra ponchos.

One hike each day. Spencer Falls Trail (5 miles) on Saturday, and Pine Cliff Trail (3 miles) on Sunday.  Both filled with natural wonders, overlooks, historic sites, and well groomed trails. Skunk Cabbage!!  Several morel mushrooms found by Joey Pantuso. (Google images and and videos on morel vs false morel confirmed these finds as legit.)  (Note: We still didn't eat them.)

  • Groups of LARP players wandered the park dressed in medieval costumes.

  • Hoot Owls dualing in the night.

  • A Whippoorwill calling from Oak trees at dusk.

  • Cries of coyotes at 4am "Green Grow" and Medicrine stories around the campfire.

  • Potato pancakes for dinner with hot dogs and brats. Omelettes in a bag for breakfast. Salamanders under logs.

  • Capture the Flag for hours under the watchful eye of Aidan Mayrand. The first glimpse of this year's bumper crop of wood ticks!

A trailer issue delaying for an hour on Saturday morning. The Bieser Sienna mini-van having the necessary towing package to pull a half-loaded trailer at the last minute. Wet tents hung by Mr Schmaucher back at the scout house.  Thanks!!

Last minute switch from Group Site F which was very hilly and not as large thanks to the negotiating skills of super-dads Wayne Dauphanais and Matt Schumacher. Group campsite G - very large, mostly flat, and super isolated!

Google Photo Album (110 picture and videos): Facebook Photo Album (subset of the same pictures - about 39 total):

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