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Spring Campout: Governor Dodge State Park

The preparation for our spring campout at Governor Dodge State Park began with the Scouts gathering tents, food, and other supplies needed during our weekly Friday meeting. Even though we had a smaller-than-usual group, by no means did that prevent us from having lots of fun.

Unfortunately, a crash on I-94 delayed our arrival and led to many tired boys. A slight drizzle started when we were putting up our tents, but luckily camp was set up before the heavy rain arrived. A highlight of our camping trip was Mr. Walters sharing his expertise in camp cooking. We made pancakes with a berry compote for breakfast and grilled for dinner. All the good food prepared us for our 9-mile hike ahead of us.

The hike lasted about 4.5 hours, and many of us needed to make frequent stops to rest. After our return to camp, we passed the time playing the complex card game Magic: The Gathering, taught by Stephen, while others played Uno. Mr. Walters put us to work again by grilling burgers and hotdogs for dinner and making cobbler for dessert. We went to bed with full bellies and the extra calories needed for our morning hike.

Thank you to Mr. Hagan for teaching us how to pack a trailer, set up camp, organize a Patrol Box, and navigate with a map. A spring camping trip would only be complete with some uninvited guests. Due to a mild winter, we had to pay extra attention to look for ticks. Though once again, Troop 61 pulled off a successful camping trip.

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