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Summer Camp 2019

The Troop 61 Twister

This year's summer camp will definitely be remembered by everyone who went up the first day with the troop. For those who were not able to come up or for those interested we got stuck in a tornado. All was well until we arrived at Waupaca. The whole way up we were getting barraged with text message warnings of flash floods and we were aware there was one big storm brewing. We get to Waupaca and there's no major weather until everyone gets a tornado warning alert on their cell phones. No one really thought about it at first until it got progressively darker outside. The adults were keeping a very watchful eye out for any signs and then one appeared. The clouds above us seemed to be going in a circular path and that's when I got the attention of an adult but right as we noticed the sirens went up. The adults were quick to their feet making sure everyone got to safety and luckily we all did. As we all patiently wait in the mens restroom we finally get the all clear and we start heading back to the cars. When we thought everything was over turns out it wasn't because a giant tree fell over onto the road blocking us off and landlocking us. Thankfully, another motorist had a chainsaw and scouts were willing to lend an extra hand. After this we set on our merry way with nothing eventful occuring afterwords.

Summer Camp

Other than the beginning summer camp went extremely well this year! The troop returned to Jag Lake this year and everything went as planned except of course. Thanks to the adults who came up before camp the program tent was already set up. Truck unloading when smoothly and within no time the patrols were getting acquainted with their area of camp and patrol canopies were being set up. After all was set up everyone sat back and relaxed and waited for the next day. Waking up bright and early the scouts got right to work cooking breakfast and preparing tables. After breakfast assembly was called and everyone got assigned to classes. Lunch came and went and now it was time for dinner. Just like lunch, dinner came and went with scouts cooking and eating their meals. With all this said and done it was now time for campfire. Songs were sung and stories were told and all went well. Things pretty much followed this same schedule for the rest of the week and there were no major issues. Just about in the middle of the week however there was a break in the routine. This break included Aiden Mayrands eagle project which was new kiosks for campgrounds in the area, the canoe trip, and to end the day trip to Minaquoa to watch the water ski show and for the older scouts explore town. The next day everything went back to normally and the week came to a close with no major issues.



As all ways the troop would like to thank all of the adults, leaders, and mentors who helped make this summer camp one to remeber.

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