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Troop 61 First Year Campout - June 2023

Troop 61's First Year Campout for 2023 was a success. Even though the group was small, the Scouts brought home many memories. As we know, a Scout is always prepared. Our preparedness kept us safe during the evening storms that repeatedly tested our camping skills taught by Mr. Hauman and Mr. Hagan.

The serene Catholic Ecology Center, located in Neosho, WI, was where we held the campout. This campout aims to teach the skills needed for our weeklong Summer Camp at Jag Lake to the Troop's newest members.

When we arrived, we set up camp and put up our tents. After learning how to set up a tent, the Troop went on a short nature hike where Mr. Hauman taught us different species of plants and how to identify them. After learning about the environment around us, we continued our education and learned how to make a fire, cook our dinner, and clean dishes the Troop 61 way. Once dinner was finished, we then sat around the fire and popped popcorn.

Our campfire conversation revolved around the storms and strong winds heading our way.

At 2:00 AM, we were woken up by strong winds that made us feel like we were riding a rollercoaster. Fortunately, our tent skills kept us safe, and no one got hurt. After the wild weather night, the Scouts and the adults were exhausted. With little sleep, we still made a hearty omelet breakfast that was enjoyed by all.

Our one-night campout prepared our newest members for our week-long summer camp in July and gave everyone an excellent weather story to share with family and friends.

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