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Winter Camp 2024 - Army Lake

Troop 61 headed off to Army Lake where we would spend the weekend camping and having fun. This is the second time we have gone camping at Army Lake and we couldn’t wait to do it again. Even though our weather was more springlike than winter, we still held our Troop 61 Winter Olympics. Our Olympics included kickball and multiple rounds of tug of war. Troop 61 also visited Milwaukee Skydive where we learned how to pack parachutes and how to become a licensed jumper. Luckily, we were able to watch them jump from 3,000 ft and even up to 10,000 ft!  Saturday evening we spent with Troop 159. The Waukesha Troop shared their cherry and peach cobbler with us while Scouts from both Troops engaged in skits and jokes. After a fun weekend of games and new experiences, we were tired and could not wait to get home and get ready for the school week ahead!

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