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Photography Merit Badge
This page contains links to a variety of resources related to Photography Merit Badge. Feel free to browse through the photos and videos to learn more about camera basics and various photography techniques.  All of this information will be discussed at Troop meetings.

If you would like to learn more about basic camera functions CLICK HERE to watch a few videos that explain the three pillars of photography: ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed.  Learning what these functions are, how they work together, and how to set your camera to adjust them, will enable you to manually control your camera to create beautiful images.

Sample Photos

Below are links to collections of photos taken by Gregg Furhman.  Gregg is a physical therapist who lives in Wauwatosa. He is also a photography enthusiast.  Gregg carries a camera with him most of the time and takes pictures of scenes that capture his attention.  Many of his images will be of places you might recognize. As you look at these pictures think about the different composition principles we discussed.  We will also be discussing how to adjust camera settings to show you how to achieve certain types of results in your photos.  We have divided the photos into the following categories. 


Click on the category name to view the photos in that category.

    A collection of photos taken in and around Wauwatosa.

    These photos show how your camera can be used to stop or show motion.  Notice how in some images the action is frozen while in other images the motion is blurred.

    This collection illustrates how taking a picture from a unique angle or perspective can make it more interesting.

    If you find a subject that interests you, remember that you can be creative and take different pictures of that subject – at different times of day or from different angles.  This collection of photos illustrates a couple different subjects that Mr. Fuhrman has taken pictures of on multiple occasions.

    Here are some examples of using certain elements in a photo to “frame” something else in the photo.

    Understanding how to control the manual settings of your camera enables you to still take great photos in low light conditions – even in total darkness.  This collection contains photos taken by Mr. Fuhrman at night.

    The hour right after sunrise and just before sunset is called the “Golden Hour” because natural light conditions at those times help create beautiful photographs that accentuate colors.  This collection of photos were all taken during the "Golden Hour."

    Even the most basic (even boring) subject  matter can be turned into a work of art.  See if you agree when you view this next set of images!

  • CLICK HERE to download a PDF that contains all of the images in all of these categories.

Troop 61 Photography Merit Badge Workbook

CLICK HERE to download a self-teaching booklet that Scouts can use to guide themselves through the badge. 

BSA Photography Merit Badge Requirements

CLICK HERE to download a PDF file of the Photography Merit badge requirements.

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